Oh NARS, why have you forsaken me?

You know the feeling when you go to the shop (or order online) and you cannot wait to try your new product(s) – it’s an amazing feeling right? What’s not so amazing is when the expensive stuff you bought just doesn’t work

It’s with a very heavy heart i have to share that a powder i had high hopes for just wasn’t right for me. I’m not using foundation for everyday makeup, i’m only spot concealing and applying a powder to even out the skin tone. I’ve used MAC mineralize skinfinish for such a long time and it truly is a beautiful powder but i wanted to try something new.

nars velvet matte pressed

I went into Brown Thomas to purchase NARSSoft Velvet Pressed Powder since i just ran out of my MAC one. Got it in shade Eden.

The claims of this powder:

“A multi-purpose artistry essential, Soft Velvet Pressed Powder evens skin tone, blurs the look of pores, absorbs excess oil, smooths imperfections, and sets foundation all with a velvet-to-the-touch formula. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid Bonded Powder, it creates a non-drying, hydrating and comfortable feel all day. Fine lines, wrinkles, and pores optically fade as skin is visibly perfected. Photochromic Technology keeps skin looking natural in any source of light. Built with the latest advances in artistry, this portable powder blurs and perfects any look for a velvety-matte complexion”

NARS website claims

It pains me so much because all of this obviously sounded amazing – and so did the reviews of this powder! But it fell flat, like really flat for me! Let me tell you how it failed me.


I have combination to oily skin. So i need a powder that gives me a matte looking skin and keeps it matte and evens out the skin tone and it’s a plus if it blurs the look of the pores. This powder indeed felt like smooth and silky velvety at first when i put it on. However, i’d say 20-30 minutes of having it on my skin it caked up! It looked super weird and i tried to fix it by blotting off oil (which at the time wasn’t much) Don’t get me wrong i do not mind touch ups but ehm… i expect to touch up after like 2-3 hours.

nars velvet matte pressed

After another 3 hours my skin looked horrible and it unfortunately melted off all of my concealer as well and it accentuated all of the texture on my skin! I think this powder would work for someone who has dry skin instead of combination to oily skin type!

 The pictures below are quite bad, took them with my phone during work and i wish it would have captured just how much oil there was on my face!

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Ah gosh, so sad! Plus points for the stunning packaging (yes you will get fingerprints on it though) and the fact that you get a little sponge. I don’t usually use them but they are great for protecting the powder. It has no fragrance to it and it does go onto the skin super smoothly!

nars velvet matte pressed
Such a miss for me – but for dry skin it might just be the right powder! It retails from 36€ for 8 grams of product and Irish and UK shoppers can find it HERE at Space NK

Have you tried this powder?