I got spoiled (Products from Sephora)

I think that we all should take a moment and appreciate my sweet and adorable boyfriend. He travels a lot and just recently came home from a work trip in Las Vegas!

It’s always nice getting spoiled for no apparent reason. I got a text from my man asking if i wanted anything from Sephora – uhm… yes pretty please! I would never take advantage of my boyfriend and i was genuinely thinking about things i actually needed. Not like i would ask him to buy half Sephora. So grateful he asked me! Many products are also cheaper in $ considering the conversion rate against the .

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Some things i asked for if he could get his hands on if he had time were:

laura mercierr loose setting powder

Laura MercierLoose Setting Powder

True and tested powder that works well for me. I just ran out of my other loose setting powder so i needed a new one. Retails for 42€ in Brown Thomas

too faced chocolate soleil matte bronzer
Too FacedChocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer (Milk Chocolate)

One of my absolute favourite bronzers of all time. Just had a tiny bit left of my MAC Matte Bronzer so i needed a new one. I always go for the Milk Chocolate shade for my skin tone. I could wear a darker shade but i prefer to build up the colour instead. Retails for 28.50€ in Arnotts

hourglass vanish seamless finish liquid foundation

HourglassVanish Seamless Liquid Foundation (Shell)

I got really excited when i saw this release! I just needed to try it. I have the stick version of this foundation and it works pretty well on my skin. I will do a full review on this foundation but for now i can tell you that i really like it and it is true – a little bit goes such a long way hence worth the price as well. Retails for 60€ at Cult Beauty


What would be your top three picks from Sephora if someone asked to get something for you?


4 thoughts on “I got spoiled (Products from Sephora)

  1. That’s so sweet of your boyfriend! I laughed when I saw the cat meme haha super cute! I’ve been meaning to try the hourglass vanish foundation since I have the stick foundation as well I wanted to do a comparison of the two. You totally convinced me to get it!

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    1. Haha i’m the biggest meme communicator ever! I even bought the “What do you Meme” game x) I’d say it’s worth a try. I’ve seen so many mixed reviews about this foundation. What bothers me is that nobody seems to be using it correctly haha. It’s a great foundation when used properly – just like the stick! :*

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  2. I’m dying to try the hourglass foundation! It just seems like everything I could ever want in a foundation so I’m interested to see your review when you post it!

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