Clarins – Pore Minimising Serum

Lightweight serum that smoothes out your skin and minimises pores! Sounds like a dream right?

I just finished this bottle of Clarins pore minimising serum. I remember i purchased it to use on a daily basis in the morning before applying makeup. I was looking for a serum that would minimise pores and control oil to some extent.

Company claims:

“Lightweight serum — with purifying Alpine Willow Herb — instantly tightens, purifies and visibly minimizes enlarged pores — promoting a fresh, flawless complexion. Delivers immediate, all day shine control and a smooth, matte skin texture”

This serum delivered on the promise that it would help to reduce pore size but not that it would slow down oil productionwhich is fine for me! It promises to overtime reduce the pore size and refine the texture of the skin. Since i’ve used up the whole bottle i can tell you that it didn’t give any long term “fix” to my skin! However, when using it the skin does appear to have smaller pores and the skin texture is refined a bit. It works great under makeup! I used it in combination with Clarins cult classic product the Beauty Flash Balm!

clarins pore minimising serum

It smells great and comes in a glass bottle with pump (now they’ve changed the packaging!) A little bit goes a long way! I have one complaint here though… okey two small complaints. One – the bottle is coloured so you won’t see how much is left. Two – the pump makes the product like squirt everywhere!

clarins pore minimising serum

Overall i think it’s a great product to use under makeup (or on it’s own) to make your pores appear smaller and refine your skins texture. It’s quite pricy (Irish and UK shoppers can buy it HERE from Debenhams) but i think it’s worth it as it worked so well for me for what i wanted it to do! Although – now they have changed the packaging which is a huge plus, i’m just curious if the formula has remained the same?

Anyone who’s tried this one? What are your thoughts and have you tried it in the new packaging? Formula the same?


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