Disappointing products

Some products i recently bought but just let me down. Let me tell you why…

In a previous post i raved about the Clarins take the day off balm because it requires no rubbing on the skin and it dissolves makeup in an instant. I ran out of shortly after and i wanted to try something new! I’m also always in a constant hunt for a fair priced and effective micellar water as well as a nice effective cleanser for sensitive skin.


So, i got my Clarins “dupe”, a micellar water and a cleanser – what a bust! Unfortunately none of the products i picked up worked for me. I have combination skin with occasional breakouts and i don’t wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis.

origins cleansing makeup remover jelly

First out is the ORIGINS Cleansing makeup removing jelly. Retails from around 25€.

Quite pricy considering it only contains 100ml. And well… also quite pricy considering the fact that it doesn’t work unfortunately. Packaging is pretty and the formula feels nice on the skin without irritation or tugging. I like that it comes in a tube rather than a jar!

However, the claims says that it’s supposed to melt away makeup by using on dry skin and then add a bit of water to build up a milky cleanser that easily rinses off. It says that for stubborn makeup you can also use it on a cotton pad.

Well, i have tried every single way possible to get this thing to work because i absolutely LOVE ORIGINS. This might work on someone who only uses some powder, blush or perhaps mineral makeup. But it won’t remove mascara or any brow product.

I used up all the product in hope for it to magically start working but that wasn’t the case this time.



Next we have Soap & Glory, total drama clean, magnetizing micellar makeup remover (wow that’s a long name) Retails from around 8€


Cheap, nice packaging and you get a lot of product! 350ml! Sounded great i thought… i thought wrong. It’s cheap for a reason this one.


It smells very chemical and literally doesn’t do anything, other than burn my eyes. I really wanted to like this product as i am starting to experiment with other Soap & Glory products but this one was a let down. Might work as a cleanser if you’re not wearing makeup at all or like directly after the gym or something.



Last we have Sukin, cleansing gel. Retails from 10€

This must be the one i’m most bummed out about as i like Sukin as a brand! They make high quality products at affordable prices and keeping their products as pure as possible staying safe for the environment.


It has a very mild scent that i actually enjoyed and it comes with a pump – huge plus! Unfortunately with this one i found that it didn’t cleanse very well as i could see on a cotton pad with toner afterwards that i still had makeup or dirt on my face. Perhaps this would work better as a morning cleanser only. But i won’t be repurchasing this one.


Have you used any of these products or have you had a bad experience with a product recently? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. It’s a shame about the origins and Sukin products. I’ve tried a few things from both brands and love them. As to the soap and glory, I’ve never liked any of their products. I’ve always found them to be over scented and harsh x

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