A post 4 empties

“A post 4 empties” will be my new category here. Basically whenever i have used up four products i will make a short review of each product in one post. Let’s get started with the first post!


Urban Decay – All Nighter, setting spray:

urban decay setting spray

I have had this one empty for quite some time now (as you can tell since Urban Decay has changed the packaging of the setting sprays) I still wanted to do a short review of this so i just kept the bottle.

This product claims to prolong the wear of your makeup up to 16-hours! It works in a way that it lowers the temperature of your makeup to make it more long lasting on the skin.

They have now released different types of setting sprays depending on your skin type and what you want to achieve which is pretty cool

I like this setting spray and i’m about to purchase a new one since i’ve actually gone without for a while. I do notice a little bit of a difference when using this one as my makeup doesn’t melt off straight away (hi oily skin) and it doesn’t settle into my fine lines as quickly. I might just go for the oil controlling one in the series this time and see if i like it.

Worth it? Yes! Buy again? Yes! – plus points as it’s cruelty free!

Irish and UK shoppers can find it here and retails from around €30 (you can buy a smaller size as well)

L’Oreal Paris – Elnett Satin, hairspray:

loreal paris hairspray

I always keep a small hairspray and a dry schampoo in my bag or desk! This is the smaller version of the bigger bottle.

It claims to give you a long lasting hold with a microfine spray that doesn’t weigh your hair down and is supposed to be easy to brush out.

Well, it does have a lovely fine mist that i love and it also brushes out easily – perhaps too easy! It also has a little bit of a funky smell which i do not really like to be honest. This hairspray has been around for ages and always been so hyped up. It’s not a bad hairspray, just not for my long fine hair as it’s too easy to brush out but great if you need to restyle your hair throughout the day!

Worth it? No, you can get better hairsprays for the same money. Buy again? Probably not, or only for emergencies.

Irish and UK shoppers can find it here and retails from around €3-4 (75ml)

bareMinerals – Blemish Remedy, anti imperfection treatment serum:

bare minerals blemish remedy

I bought this in hopes of a serum to use under my night and day cream that could regulate some oil on my face and calm down my skin in case of any breakouts.

This product claims to combat blemishes, calm the skin and smooth the texture. I bought mine in Debenhams and the sales person there recommended this to me.

I really wanted to love this serum as i enjoy bareMinerals overall. I used it morning and evening and i didn’t want to give it a verdict until i had used the whole bottle. You don’t have to use a lot of product which is great and it disappears into your skin immediately. Unfortunately – it really didn’t do anything for my skin besides calm down a bit of redness. It didn’t do much on breakouts and didn’t have any long lasting effect on my skin.

Worth it? Nah, but then again a lot of these serums seem to be quite “gimmicky” Buy again? That’s a no.

Irish and UK shoppers can find it here and retails from around €43-45

Clarins – Toning lotion with Iris:

clarins toning lotion

Since i have oily/combination skin and i wear makeup daily i always use a toner. This is one is definitely in my top 3! I have made another review of one of my favourite toners here

It claims to remove every last bit of makeup and dirt of your skin, tighten pores and normalise surface oil all while maintaining ph balance.

As i wrote in the beginning. This is one of my top 3 favourite toners ever! It does tighten pores and control oils without drying my skin or feeling uncomfortable! Leaves my skin feeling very smooth and calm. I love it and would recommend to combination skin if you have for example an oily t-zone.

Worth it? Yes! Buy again? Yes!

Irish and UK shoppers can find it here and retails from around €30 (for 400ml!) This product comes in 200ml size as well (the one i purchased)

Have you used any of these products or been thinking about testing any? Let me know in the comments below!