5 tips for fresh hair in the summer

Shampoo your hair! Don’t shampoo your hair! Put it in a ponytail! Keep your hair down! Sound familiar? Well, in this post i will try my best to sort out some “dos and don’ts” 

It’s a daunting task sometimes to wash your hair and dry it and during the summer months, the heat doesn’t really help! Hair becomes greasier faster and dries out because of the sun exposure (and swimming – salty water, you’re no friend to our hair)

bumble and bumble heat/uv protective primer
One of my favourite UV hair protectors! Can be used on wet or dry hair! Lasts forever! UK and Irish shopper can purchase it here at Boots

Let’s put an end to sad hair shall we? Starting with tip number one…

1. Use dry shampoo before your hair gets greasy! The dry shampoo will soak up excess oil and prevent it from looking greasy faster. I always use a little bit of dry shampoo the day after i washed it, leaves it perfectly fresh until i wash it! I wash my hair every other day.

2. Use sunscreen for your hair. It’s not only your skin that needs protection from the sun. The exposure strips your hair from moisture, fades colour and could also degrade your hair proteins. Prevent dull and frizzy hair by spraying a UV spray evenly and brush through your hair before spending a lot of time in the sun. And to protect your hair even more – use a nice hat!

3. Going for a swim? Spray your hair generously with leave in conditioner and braid it before heading into the water (i always spray mine right after i get out of the water as well). Your hair will feel less like sandpaper and you’ll be able to detangle it without using force!

4. Use a comb with wide gaps rather than a brush and start brushing your hair from the lengths and up (always always always brush like that anyway) Less pressure on your hair follicles = less potential hair fallout.

5. Love your conditioner! Use a moisturising conditioner and leave it on in your lengths for 1.5-2 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water – not hot water! This is less damaging for your hair and closes the hair follicles leaving your hair more shiny and less frizzy! There are so many after sun products out on the market but a good conditioner usually does the trick 🙂

I love this deep conditioner! Smells lovely and so affordable! My hair feels amazing after i’ve used it. Irish and UK shoppers can purchase it here at Boots

Do you have some summer hair tips? Please share in the comments below! 🙂

And with this post – i’m off to the French riviera on holiday! Au Revoir 😉