So, i am not the only one getting a “beauty” box each month… my dog also gets one! Even our pets deserves the best right?! 

Once a month, just like most subscription boxes, my dog gets a box full of goodies and toys from Busterbox! It’s very handy since i just get the same old treats for her all the time which is kind of boring. I mean, i wouldn’t wanna eat the same thing all the time!


My dog is known for literally butchering her toys haha. Nothing ever seems strong enough for my German Shepherd! Busterbox lets you make an additional choice to your box if you’d like to receive an extra strong premium toy for your dog each month. I of course made that choice for Amsie haha.

I am not affiliated with Busterbox in any way, i’m just a genuinely happy customer and so is my dog haha! But – if you’d like to sign up i can give you a code that gives you 20 euro off your first box! Just leave a comment!


Also, speaking of being a happy customer. Busterbox contacted me and asked if i (sorry, i mean my dog) would like to try out their own dog food! Of course! Glad to say Amsie really likes the food and they are thinking about having a monthly subscription for dog food as well so you never run out and don’t have to go get it yourself.

Head over to my personal instagram jennifernozlihn and check out my story for pictures and videos of the box and food.


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