Clinique – High Impact Mascara

I am constantly trying out mascaras and sometimes i even combine 2 or 3 to get the look i want. Right now, i’m trying to find the perfect mascara to wear in the office. Did this one perform as i wanted it to? Keep reading to find out

Unfortunately this mascara let me down. I remember i had it a couple of years ago but i couldn’t figure out why i stopped using it. I got it as a tester when i bought some other stuff from Clinique so i though i’d give it a go. To put it simple – it just doesn’t do anything for my lashes!

Retails for 22.50 Euro. Irish and UK shoppers can find it here

clinique high impact mascara

I always curl my lashes and i expect my mascara to keep them curled throughout the day. This mascara did not make my curl last, i also felt that the formula was quite dry and flaky. It didn’t coat my lashes thoroughly either.

I have long lashes naturally, and it almost took me 3 coats before i could tell the difference. I think this mascara would suit someone who is looking for a no makeup look!

After doing some research i saw that many people absolutely love this mascara! I suppose it also as always comes down to the length of your own lashes and preference on formula. On the plus side for people with sensitive eyes it’s allergy tested, 100% fragrance free, oil-free and ophthalmologist tested!

clinique high impact mascara

If i could change something with this product i suppose that would be a more “gel” like formula that glides on more easily. Also, the packaging is quite boring and not very elegant.

Would i repurchase? Or in this case – would i purchase the full size mascara. Unfortunately no. And i really like Clinique but this time it’s a pass. I don’t have a picture actually wearing the mascara, it just looked awful… period.

Have you tried it? What do you think of it and what type of lashes do you have? Also, what’s your favourite everyday mascara for school or work?