Birchbox – April + extra box!

I decided it was time for me to sign up for a monthly beauty box. I decided to go with Birchbox. I just received the April box (a bit late i know) + an extra box! Find out what’s inside

birchbox april 2018

So, i got my first box from Birchbox. Didn’t really know what to expect but i do love to try out new products. What surprised me was that not only did i get my April box… but i also got the September box from 2017 haha. I believe a mistake was made here but i am not complaining! Let’s see what products i got this time…

Starting with my + 1 box haha (September 2017) Birchbox collab with Oliver Bonas to create this box. Neat design and i really like the quote “work hard, play hard & be kind”

birchbox september 2017

The 5 products in this box:

polaar icy magic

Polaar – IcyMagic Instant Eye Countour Energiser: this little guy claims to instantly remove dark circles, puffiness and any sign of tiredness. Huge plus it doe not contain paraben, alcohol, fragrance or mineral oil. Sounds good right? Also, claims to promote the growth of your eyelashes! Say no more – i’m excited to try this!


Dr. Paw Paw – Original Balm: I have actually tried this one before and i liked it. It’s a clever little multi purpose balm! The balm has natural healing ingredients. Totally recommend this. Although, as i have a million balms i have to use up, i’m going to give this one to my boyfriend (yes, you men out there – we see your chapped lips!)

clinique take the day off cleansing balm

Clinique – Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm: I LOVE this product! All you need to know about this amazing product is right HERE (full review of the product here on my blog)

Manna Kadar – Fantasy 3-in-1 blush, highlighter, eyeshadow: Please don’t tell me i’m the only one who’s never heard of this brand? I wouldn’t say it’s a blush at all – nor a highlighter! But, would work nicely as a sheer eyeshadow or a light bronzer (or to put on top of your bronzer) Went on pretty smooth, but sheer. Might have to try this one wet!

Arrow – Boost Color Enhancing lip balm: So, basically a lipbalm that gives your lips a tint… a tinted lipbalm! You can find these almost anywhere! But, this one is supposed to react with your PH-level so you get a unique colour for you which is pretty cool! A plus is it’s vegan, paraben-free and cruelty-free! You can see on the picture even though it’s just the back of my hand that it does give a slight pink hue.

Well, that was the September 2017 box… ready for the April box? Let’s go!

birchbox april 2018

This April Birchbox collaborated with Cath Kidston. The design of the box is so pretty and has the same pattern as Cath Kidstons birthday collection – cool!

birchbox april 2018

The 5 products in this box:


Marcelle – Gentle Eye Make Up Remover: I’m constantly looking for the best make-up remover out there! This had some good reviews on Birchboxs website but i have yet to try it! Never heard of the brand or know where i might find it other on their website… it does say Birchbox exclusive though…

AfterSpa – Magic Make Up Remover Cloth: I’ve always wanted to try a cloth like this to see if it really works. Basically it’s like super soft microfiber. It’s very small as you can see compared to the box. Not sure how hygienic it it though and might require many… like many times in the washing machine – worth it though?

ModelCo – Baked Blush “Frose”: This is the smallest sample i’ve ever seen haha. It’s super cute though! I wouldn’t say this is a blush – absolutely a highlighter or perhaps a blush topper – but not a blush! Nice buttery texture, a bit of fallout but could be because of the sample size. Seems very similar to MACs mineralize highlighters which i love!


Beutaniq – FILL + TAME BROW GEL – BLONDE: Never heard of the brand before. I like the colour, formula and brush. Maybe just a tad “watery” but nothing major. Will give this a go but i’m still too devoted to Benefits gimme brow!

cath kidston hand cream

Cath Kidston – Hand Cream: Cute packaging. Nothing out of the ordinary that any other hand cream has to offer BUT… the smell! Now, it smells nice don’t get me wrong but it’s very stong! Almost overpowered my perfume! If you’re into hand creams that smells a lot – this one is for you my friend! I on the other hand will give this to my housemate.

WOW! We made it to the end! 10 products and mini reviews on them all… well of the ones i’ve tried to far anyway. If any of the other products are amazing, for sure you will see a full review soon!

OHWAIT! If you’re thinking of subscribing to Birchbox – comment down below and i will give you a code so you get 5£ (5.70 Euro) off your first box! My colleague just signed up with my code and i’m happy to give it to anyone who’d like to sign up! You can also cancel your subscription anytime!

I am not sponsored or affiliated with Birchbox, just happy to share! And please, please comment if you have tried or want to try any of these products!


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