Current fave!

I will do a “current fave” every once in a while when i notice i reach for the same product more often than others. It would be a product i like but have not yet finished up. Wanna know my current one i have right now…?

I have to admit my current favourite product does change depending on season or how my skin or hair is feeling. Sometimes for a couple of days or weeks my skin can for example feel very dry and the next oily. Same with my hair. The products i’m gonna show here could be anything from makeup to a hair product. Also, i might have a current favorite for example nights out!

Enough about why and let’s get more into what here! My current fave is…

Versace – Yellow Diamond Intense EdP. The 90ml that i have retails for 100.50 Euro. Irish and UK shoppers can find it HERE 

versace yellow diamond intense

Everything about this perfume just screams spring! And i am so ready for springtime! It’s a very “mild” scent and is perfect for everyday wear at work or school. Even though this is the intense version it is still very mild! I used to have the “normal” one but unfortunately it didn’t last on me. This one lasts until late afternoon if i put it on in the morning. Keep in mind that perfumes smell different on various skin types!

Here’s how the perfume is described by Debenhams:

“A perfume which enchants with its Mediterranean refinement of sparkling bergamot, citron of diamante and noble neroli with the captivating combination of irresistible and attractive accents of pear sorbet.

The heart celebrates an intense and glamourous femininity which expresses itself with creamy and velvety facets of jasmine petals and osmanthus, together with precious notes of orange blossom and freesia.

The sensual and enveloping dry down is based on deep and vibrant tones of amber wood and palo santo enriched by the voluptuous notes of benzoin and sparkling and seductive musk”

I always get a load of compliments when i’m wearing this. I’d also say it suits every age! It makes me feel happy haha if happy had a scent! It does lean towards the sweeter side!

versace yellow diamond intense

Is there a similar perfume to this one? Yes, the one find similar to this Versace – Yellow Diamond Intense is Bvlgari – Omnia Coral and 65ml retails for 75 Euro. Not the same lasting power and it is an EdT. More difficult to buy in shops as well. But lovely scent!

If i could change something about this perfume. I’d change the bottle! Or, the cap more or less! The bottle itself is nice! But the cap is huge and excessive! Maybe the same style just a tad smaller.

versace yellow diamond intense

Would i repurchase this one when i’ve used it all? Totally! Hence why i bought the big bottle because i do use it almost everyday and remember – perfume is meant to be used! It does come with a best before date, keep that in mind. Even if a perfume might have been pricey, well, you paid for it so – use it haha!

What is your current fave? Please let me know in the comments as i am all for trying new things and perhaps find myself a new fave!