Too Faced – Hangover 3-in-1 replenishing primer and setting spray

First product review on my “new” blog woho! Starting off strong with a much talked about product. Is it worth the hype…?

According to the instructions, you can use this before makeup to prime, after makeup to set in place and throughout the day to refresh. No parabens, no alcohol and oil free – which makes me very happy as i have combination/oily skin.

Retails for 32 euro (full size) and Irish/UK shoppers can find it HERE

Too Faced hangover 3-in-1

I bought this in Sephora when i was over in Boston last month. Wanted to try it out so i bought the smaller (30ml) size of it – love that they make a “travel” size of it so you can test it before you buy the big bottle! Available now in most countries i believe as it was released summer 2017.

So, what did i think of this magical 3 in 1 spray? I like the idea of a spray primer as i have used the Smashbox primer water. I’d say that these spray primers are more for everyday to use under makeup rather than when you’re going for full coverage. Nice and quick to just spray on to get the extra hydration and something to even out the skin. Keep in mind they don’t really fill in pores in the same way as a normal primer does.

Too Faced hangover 3-in-1

As a setting spray for my liking, i think it did the job of removing the powdery feeling. However, it went on a bit much and almost felt a bit “heavy” not sure how to describe it. If you have dry skin – perfect for you! For me, it didn’t really extend my makeup throughout the day. I tested this wearing both a powder foundation one day and a liquid another. Could be because i get oily. As mentioned, seems like this product would do a better job if you have normal to dry skin!

For refreshing throughout the day. I blotted my face first and then sprayed it over my makeup. It didn’t really do anything other than i felt a bit more hydrated – but so does any other face mist for example the Bobbi Brown face mist which i really like and to be honest, the Bobbi Brown one smells more fresh!

Speaking of the smell of the product. Yes, it does smell like coconut water… but nothing special really. It’s not overpowering but it does have a very particular smell.

Too Faced hangover 3-in-1

My conclusion here… would i buy it again? Personally no, since it didn’t really do much for my skintype and being sold as a 3 in 1 spray which i’m not entirely convinced it actually perform as.

If i could change something about this product – it would be the spray nozzle to make it more of a finer mist!

Have you tried this product or do you want to try it? Please, let me know! Sharing is caring! And let me know what you think about my review!